MacArthur Park

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Publication Date: October 12, 2021

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About MacArthur Park
A captivating, emotionally taut, beautifully written story about the complexities of a friendship between two women—and how it shapes and reshapes, both of their lives



“Judith Freeman has long been one of our wisest and wiliest radicals. She’s never written a book more daring than MacArthur Park, an audacious novel that is several books in one: a revealing piece of auto-fiction, a story about an alter-ego female friendship, a portrait of a tricky marriage, a vivid road trip along little known Western highways, a debate between different visions of art (and womanhood!), and a rumination on the importance of finding somewhere to call home. As scrupulous and beautifully observed as all her work, this is one of those books that gets better and better as you go along.”—John Powers, Critic at Large, Fresh Air with Terry Gross

“I’m a longtime fan of Judith Freeman’s work, but I believe she’s surpassed herself with MacArthur Park. It’s as though she’s distilled all she’s learned and experienced in her life and turned it into a beautiful story of friendship filled with gorgeous prose and deep emotion. She explores what it means to be an artist, delves into the vicissitudes of life and death, and takes us on a journey through the splendor (and sometimes ugliness) of the American West—with dollops of Flaubert, Faulkner, Chekhov, Collette, and Chandler along the way.”—Lisa See, author of The Island of Sea Women

“Judith Freeman’s luminously written tale of two friends on a journey toward self-resolution shines with grace, wisdom, and compassion. I was so entranced by the inner and outer worlds Freeman creates, I didn’t want this heart-opening book to end.”—Barbara Feldon, actor/author of Living Alone & Loving it!

“[MacArthur Park] . . . a spellbinding, exquisitely written new novel about a long marriage and a longer, difficult friendship, stands as proof that the examined life is well worth the telling. This is a book that a young novelist, no matter how dazzling, could never produce: MacArthur Park is emotionally mature, steeped in experience, and luminous from a lifetime of paying fierce, close attention to the world and its maddening humans. A beauty of a book.”—Michelle Huneven, author of Blame

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